Creative Portfolio of Bryan Wachs

ModernSmile. Professional Teeth Whitening

The Client

ModernSmile Dental operates professional teeth whitening spas in Long Island, New York. The dentist-owned and operated spas provide one-hour teeth whitening in a spa-like setting.

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The Challenge

In 2010, with the idea to bring to market a series of luxury whitening spas, dentist and QVC dental expert, Barbara Wachs DDS approached Emblaze Design to formulate a name and create a corporate identity. Her idea was unique because she felt that customers didn’t want to have to go their dentist office to get a professional whitening treatment. At the same time, non-dentists performing low-end whitening procedures were opening up at malls which were yielding poor results and giving whitening centers a less than desirable reputation.

Dr. Wachs was looking for a catchy, memorable, professional yet playful company name and corporate identity that would help differentiate her business from the competition.

The Solution

Emblaze Design formulated the name ModernSmile. “Modern” appealed to Dr. Wachs because of the contemporary and timeless qualities. “Smile” was chosen instead of words that represent the “brightness” or “whiteness” of teeth, which allowed more flexibility for Dr. Wachs to offer other procedures in the future that would enhance the customers’ smile.

The high impact, sans-serif font, After Headline, was selected because of its geometric composition and highly differentiated characters. Myriad was chosen as the tagline font for its clean open shapes and high degree of readability at smaller font sizes.

A gentle curve under the letter M is relaxing and helps comfort the logo and also eases the transition into the tagline. It’s more literal translation is a simple smile. The word dental was purposely left off the logo in order to help customers remove the connection associated with visiting the dentist. The tagline, “Professional Teeth Whitening Spa” was chosen to help differentiate them from the non-professional mall whitening centers.

We decided to use navy blue for the logo complimented with aqua for the tagline. The colors portray tranquility and harmony, qualities also possessed by the atmosphere of the overall whitening experience.